The Brothers MC

Our Mission

Our mission is simple...increase brotherhood and give back to our community. Every member of The Brothers MC brings his own life skills and abilities to give back to the club and community in large. With The Brothers MC, our mission is to improve ourselves as individuals, learn from each other, help other club members and give back the community where we live. While brotherhood manifests itself in a multitude of ways, sense of responsibility and selflessness is at its core. Riding is one of the ways we create and strengthen our bond. All activities and decisions that involve The Brothers MC are guided by respect for both the club and individual members. Much is expected of those to whom much is given. Our members actively give back to their communities through volunteer activities and monetary support.

Our Story

In 2013, Few brothers mostly strangers to each other met for a small group ride to hines drive. Shortly after, they started riding together and realized that there are so many other solo riders in the area who wants to join a group, That’s when original members had an idea…. It wasn't long the solo riders joined the group of brotherhood who started riding on a weekly basis. The group ride was organized over whatsapp and within a year, we had many riders who were riding together calling themselves “brothers” As the brotherhood kept on growing, it was time to make it official. In 2016, the group was organized as The Brothers MCC as a non profit organization. At the time of its launch, The Brothers MCC had over 40+ members. The organization is hoping to go national and starting to make significant difference in the lives of its members and community by recruiting solo riders and bring them together for the sake of brotherhood. If you got a motorcycle and ready to make a difference, join The Brothers MCC. Let’s make differences in our community!

Board of Directors

Faisal Anwar - President

I am a simple and humble guy that loves riding my motorcycle. I learned to ride from my dad and from the age of 12 i was riding motorcycle by myself. It makes me happy when I ride with the MC. I love Brothers MC as much as I love my motorcycle. So very happy to be part of this brotherhood.

Mansoor Choudhry - Vice President

When I used to see my dad riding a Vespa scooter in Pakistan I got really curious on how he can balance it and give it power without paddling. All in all I started learning to ride on his scooter. Once I got my hands on my cousin’s motorcycle there was no turning back. I found a way to relax myself with the wind blowing on my face, forgetting about any stresses and it’s just me and open road. I progressed slowly on CC and moved to 600 almost 16 years ago. Mostly rode Suzuki GSXR or Yamaha R6 and Inshallah progress to Ducati eventually.

When I moved to Michigan and bought my motorcycle I wanted to find a group to ride along with. And I landed on brothersmc. Once I joined I felt the true sense of brotherhood, where we look out for each other. Inshallah soon we can be the biggest riding group in Michigan.

Join the group and experience the brotherhood, the ride, the unity.

Hammad Ali - Secretary

Hey! My name is Hammad. In 2014, I randomly signed up to take a motorcycle safety class. Shortly thereafter, I bought my first bike-- a Ninja 250. Since then, I have owned a 2004 Yamaha R6 and a 2008 Honda CBR 600RR. One of the best spur-of-the-moment decisions I have made was signing up for that motorcycle safety class. Since then, I have not only been able to experience the thrill of the ride, but I have also gained a great group of Brothers, good times, and some great stories.

My favorite aspect of being a part of the Brothers MC is the welcoming, personable attitude of every member. It truly allows us to cultivate a shared sense of brotherhood. So whether you are a seasoned rider, a noob, a family man, a loner, or whomever, you are more than welcome to join us. I hope to see you at our next ride!

Haroon Malik - Treasurer / Website Support

I am a father of four children and happily married for over 11 years.  By profession, I come from a Financial Reporting background and currently reside in Windsor, Canada.

Throughout my life I have arranged programs geared towards children and youth development. Being part of The Brothers MC is to have a great time while strengthening brother hood and mentoring local youth.

Arkan Abdulkadir - Social Media

I am a loving husband originally from Iraq, grew up in Germany and eventually moved to Plymouth and now work as a Mechanical Engineer. I’m passionate about cars, bikes, anything fast.

Proud to be a part of this brotherhood of riders and looking forward to sharing great memories with you all.