The Brothers MC | Terms & Conditions

The rules of this MC are very simple, equally apply, and will be acknowledged and adhered to by ALL members. In summary, be on time, respect your brothers, respect all properties, practice safety, and do not be involved in any acts considered unlawful under governmental rule.

EXECUTIVE BOARD RULES (applies ONLY to Executive Board members)

  1. BE ON TIME. Board members must be present at all events 10 minutes prior to start time.
  2. Members must be present to vote. Majority rules.
  3. Allowed 3 unexcused absences out of the total 11 events each year. Anything in excess will result in demotion from the Executive Board but not the MC. Board members vote.
  4. Board meetings are mandatory unless excused a minimum of 2 days in advance. Board members vote. 

GENERAL RULES (applies ALL members of The Brothers MC)

  1. Only active members can join The Brothers MC for events.
  2. BE ON TIME. The MC will leave from the starting point exactly 15 minutes from the start time. We will wait for no one.
  3. All members must wear The Brothers MC shirt, patch, or logo at all events or face a $5 penalty. Represent!
  4. If Road Captain(s) or any Board members determine your bike is unsafe to ride, you are grounded until your motorcycle is safe to ride.
  5. Members will always stay together on rides and events and practice safe riding.
  6. Members must have valid license, registration, and insurance to ride in events.
  7. All motorcycle makes and models are welcome.
  8. No drugs or alcohol or illegal weapons allowed in any The Brothers MC run or event. 

BEHAVIOR (applies ALL members of The Brothers MC)

  1. You will respect all members, their property, and the properties of the public.
  2. There will be no use of vulgar language and you will not fight any of your brothers for any reason. If there is a conflict among another brother, you will bring to the attention of the President. The President along with the Executive Board will work to peacefully resolve all conflicts.
  3. Consequences of any unwanted behavior may include being kicked out of The Brothers MC.